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StopGAP Theatre was founded in New York City in response to the lack of direction and support for the artists, performers, and production staff that make up our theater community. We believe the answers to barriers that have long plagued our industry are to be found in a new model. A hybrid model. One that utilizes digital streaming of live productions to drive down cost while increasing access. This model of recording, streaming, and producing content for multiple platforms, must become the new norm, if we are to provide a sustainable solution for artists, theaters, and patrons to survive. Our goal remains to support and develop live entertainment, and to constantly raise the bar, for what this community deserves.

Cost Barrier

  • Tickets to Digital Performances can provide a low cost solution solving this traditional barrier to entry.


  • Real Estate is one of the largest factors in driving ticket prices higher. Productions can be staged and produced in smaller spaces at less cost, before moving to a live in-person production model.

New Contracts

  • Our unions must work together to continually address this new evolution
  • Both production rates and streaming residuals must both play a factor in ensuring our artists earn a living wage.


  • Multicam setups provide multiple angles and views.
  • Your experience will no longer be predicated on where you sit in a theater.
  • Everyone has the best seat in the house

Educational Institutions

  • Educational Institutions can  implement low cost solutions while reaching a larger audience for their students, in conjunction with in-person, live performances.


  • Traditionaly, only those who live in proximity to theater, get to experience this art form.
  • Streaming allows low cost options for viewers around the globe
Written & Performed by:
Gregory Connors & Tim Creavin
Produced by: 
Jim Kierstead
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Written & Performed by:
Gregory Connors & Tim Creavin